All about me

Welcome to my first blog, hope you enjoy reading and drop back for updates.

So it begins, I am a 40 year old Male, typical of most I suppose, I work 9-5, earn a decent living and try my best to be good in this world and to make sure I help raise my young son to have good values in life and, as you’ll see from my posts, avoid the same mental pitfalls that have plagued me my entire life.

All my life I have been having a constant battle with my own thoughts and my responses to those thoughts, whether through dealing with insecurities, anxiety, depression etc. at various times in my life I have displayed one or more symptoms of each and more.

So the purpose of this blog is to try and share these experiences, maybe help someone to realise they are not alone, convince myself that I am not alone in these thoughts too…..

I’ll also touch on some of the things I’ve tried over the many years and give an honest opinion on how effective they are.

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